Community Involvement

Next performance: Our 2020 season kick-off concert, “Women of Music” at Delano United Methodist Church, has been postponed until a future date. Watch for updates!

Community Involvement

The Delano Community Band (“DCB”) is more than just a performing concert band. We are a community band program, offering volunteer opportunities for musicians and non-musicians alike.

Working in partnership with schools and other organizations, opportunities for volunteers to get involved are myriad and benefit the volunteer and the community, as well as the DCB.

While the development of artistic performance skills is a given, the extensive list of other skill areas our volunteers can learn, develop, or improve include, but is not limited to:

  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • communication & relationship-building (basic, interpersonal, multi-cultural, professional, etc.)
  • planning (strategic, operational, tactical)
  • program & project management
  • operations management
  • training development
  • sales, marketing, promotion, branding
  • writing, editing, visual design
  • media relations
  • policy development & analysis
  • content development

The level of involvement available to students is especially significant. We will work with any school (public, private, or home) to develop and provide customized options for students to earn credit for their involvement with the DCB.

Examples of the type of credit schools can give include:

  • credit in a specific area (e.g., toward earning a letter in band)
  • credit for volunteer experience
  • credit for an internship
  • ???

We encourage our student and non-student volunteers to include their work for DCB in their portfolios/resumes.

For more information on how you or your student can get involved as a DCB volunteer, contact us at: